Getting Started with the Chinese Language

There are lots of people who are becoming interested in the Chinese language. If ever you want to go to China for a vacation or for business purposes, it is better that you can speak or at least understand their language. Mandarin Chinese is the most widely spoken language in the world including part of Indonesia, Malaysia, Mongolia, Thailand, Brunei, Singapore and the Philippines.

As we all know, China has one of the world’s richest and oldest cultures in the world. It also has the biggest population in the world. China also is the 2nd biggest economy all over the world and it is one of the largest partner of the United States when it comes to trading. Many of the US companies also have long term investments in China.

Things to Remember

It will not be easy at first to study the Chinese language but keep in mind that you will go through the challenges in learning the language and be fluent with it. Do not spend your time on worrying if you will be fluent or not. Do not treat learning as a stress that you will go through, instead treat it as a challenge and do your best to be successful on it.

Spend a lot of time in listening, writing and speaking the language. Listen frequently to Chinese dialogues, watch Chinese movies or just basically stand somewhere where there are Chinese people talking to each other. When you have the basics on how to write, practice writing in Chinese characters every now and then for you to be used to it. Most importantly, practice speaking Chinese, as they always say “practice makes perfect”, do not be shy if ever you will have a mistake in speaking Chinese, it will be your ground of training.

Enjoy the process. Enjoy the times wherein you are learning Chinese, there can be no better way of learning than enjoying what you do. Have your full interest in learning. The eagerness to learn will help you enjoy the learning more and more.

Believe in yourself. Believe that you will overcome the course and will eventually become a good Chinese speaker. Being confident can never go wrong because you will always have room for improvement. Fluency with the language will eventually come over time. You will not even realize it if you enjoyed your journey along the way.

Enjoy every step

Here are some tips on how to enjoy your Chinese language study:

  1. You can get some textbooks with dialogues if you want, there are also applications nowadays that are available for those who want to learn Chinese.
  2. Read and listen with materials that can help you familiarize with the language.
  3. Try to talk to yourself while you are in front of a mirror, using the language, this will help you practice speaking Chinese. Or try to talk to a friend and answer in Chinese.
  4. Do it one at a time. Let’s say, listen to Chinese for about 30 minutes for 3 days, and then an hour the following days and then eventually increasing it. This should also be the case with speaking Chinese.

This will just be the start of your Chinese journey. Continue to practice and you will definitely be all good and fluent without you realizing it.