How important is Chinese?

We have had lots of influences with the Chinese culture for so long now. They have been popular all over the world with their economy, history and politics. There are so many people being interested in the Chinese language these days because they want to travel to the country and witness the richness of their culture as well as to see the buildings and other popular things that China offers. There are also some people who go to China due to business purposes.

Most people wants to learn the Chinese language but would also want to know more about their people. The Chinese nation is very abundant in literature. With their novels, poetry, dramas, short stories and movies. These works mirrors their struggles, values and experiences of the great people in China. The brilliant artistry in each work will help you understand how powerful Chinese language is.

Facts about the Chinese

Unlike French, English and German, it can be said that their language has simple grammar because you do not have to study verb tenses. Basically, it is just subject – verb (without the tenses) – object.

Mandarin Chinese is currently spoken by estimated one fifth of the world population. There are thousands and millions of foreign students around the globe that study Mandarin with all eagerness and become successful on it.

Every year, there is an event being organized to celebrate the Chinese New Year that includes teachers and students. This event is usually festive and there are lots of food and performances from hundreds of student or more. They have also included a competition wherein it showcase on how well a student can speak Chinese by translating it to English or vice versa. They also choose the best short story as well as best poem that was written in Chinese. There are also speakers invited to discuss Chinese related subjects.

Chinese is International

Ever wonder why Chinese language has been so popular these days? It may be precisely because Chinese people are business minded and they have businesses all over the world and if you are a business man and wants to be a partner of a Chinese person, you should be able to learn Chinese.

Chinese language gives opportunities to people who know how to speak it all over the world. China can be such a very big market and there are business leaders who opt to hire people who can speak Chinese. Knowing the language can give you the perfect chance for a very vital role.

You can also tech English to Chinese people if ever you decide to go to China. In this case, you can use the Chinese language that you have learned and give it back to them by teaching them your language.

Cultural differences will be there and language barrier as well. By studying Chinese language, as well as their culture, will lessen these obstacle in communicating with each other. A better understanding our differences may lead to better relationships across the countries.