Mandarin or Cantonese?

Chinese has 2 major languages in China, these are Mandarin and Cantonese. First, you need to decide what you want to learn. Mandarin is basically the most popular and most spoken language in the whole world. It is the national language of Taiwan and China and if you want to travel or stay in the said countries, might as well choose Mandarin. This may also be applicable if you want to use the language for studies or business concerns.
Cantonese, on the other hand is being used in Hong Kong and Guangdong province and being spoken by Chinese on some parts of the world like US, Australia, UK or Canada.
Most people say that Mandarin is easier to learn while the other is a bit complicated due to its tones and variety of terms. Nevertheless, we are not to judge but the person who will undergo the process of studying it.
Tips to learn Chinese
– Be careful with the tones
Mandarin and Cantonese, when spoken with different tone and pitch, can give two different meanings. Mandarin usually is consists of 4-5 main tones and Cantonese usually has 6-7. It has been proven that listening to audio based lessons can help you with the tones as long as you concentrate your efforts on how to mimic the sounds. Do this over and over again until you perfect it.
– Focus on phrase and not on vocabulary lists
The first time you try speaking Chinese, your tone may not be that perfect but by learning phrases can help you communicate. There has been no relation between the English vocabulary and the Chinese one. This is one of the reasons why it is recommended to learn phrases first.
– Expose yourself
For you to learn the language, you need to expose yourself to the people who speak the word fluently. This step never fails to work. This includes audio materials as well as presence of people around that speaks the language fluently. You will soon notice that you can speak the language. Certainly, practicing will lead you to being perfect in the craft.
– Don’t forget the Fun
It is surely true that it is better that you enjoy everything that you do. Give yourself time to enjoy every step you take with learning Chinese. Do not be stressed if you are still not speaking or understanding the language. Give yourself time and put a lot of effort and focus on it. You will eventually get a hold of the language perfectly and by that time, you will reap what you sow and everyone else will tell you how good you are in speaking the language.
Try watching Chinese Movies and figure out what they are saying. You can also try to join some Chinese language club to practice more of your Chinese.
– Find what suits you
There are different ways of learning and you need to figure out what process fits you. You just need to believe in yourself always in order to succeed.