Planning Your Trip To China

China is a big place. What’s more, for most people it is on the other side of the planet, isolated from Western civilization. The customs are different, the laws are different, and the people are different. If you are planning a trip to China, you need to adhere to their standards; don’t expect them to respect yours. There are several things you need in place before you arrive in China.

Decide where you want to go in China.

While there are plenty of preplanned Chinese tours designed for westerners, you may prefer to stray from the beaten path by forging your own itinerary. Plan where you wantgo by deciding on what you want to see. Do you want to visit southeastern China or visit the capital city of Beijing? Is there a particular event you do notwish to miss or place you want to visit? The Great Wall of China pops out as a famous tourist attraction.Do your homework; research the weather, seasons, and average temperatures. This helps to decide what to wear while you are there.

Decide when you want to go to China.

There is tourist seasons and off seasons. Chinese summers are full of tourists, many of whom are domestictravelers who already live in China. Every country has national holidays; China is no different. Is there a particular holiday you do not wish to miss? Some times are better than others when visiting China.

Have your Travel Documents ready.

Planning takes time. China will require you to have your recordsavailable and on hand at all times. You need a travel visa, but before that you need a passport that has been valid for six months before applying. Your passport will need several empty pages in it; the Chinese visa will take up an entire page alone. You need to visit the Chinese Consulate or Chinese Embassy in person to get this done; they will not accept mailed in applications.

Plan your flights.

You are going to experience jet lag with the time zone difference. Unless you are booking through a Tour Operator, you are on your own. Plan your hotels first. This gives you a comfortable bed while your body gets used to the new time zone. Book your flights far in advance for the cheapest tickets.

Remember your medical needs.

How long do you plan on staying in China? Review your medications and how many you have on hand. You will need enough to last your trip. If your trip outlasts your medicine supply, know beforehand how to obtain more. Bring your prescriptions with you.

Chinese currency is different.

Organize your money and get acquainted with Chinese currency. This protects you from various scam artists who might attempt to fool you with counterfeit money. Your money will last longer if you can budget using the local currency.

Pack what you need.

Packing is stressful; you do not want to forget anything because you cannot go back to get it. The typical trip to China usually lasts for more than a few days, in which you’ll probably pick up priceless treasures and heirlooms along the way. Pack what you need, but don’t over pack, and leave room for bringing home more than you took with you.

Familiarize yourself with China.

Do your research; read up on China when you can. The more familiar you are with where you are going, the more confident you’ll be when you arrive. When you arerelaxed and confident, you’ll have more fun than you imagined when you were planning the whole thing in advance.