Connecting Characters To The Chinese Language

Learning the dialect of Mandarin, or the Chinese language, allows one to develop a deeper appreciation for the culture. The particular language is one that does not remain separate from the calligraphy and writing that is used. Many linguists state that the writing is the main feature of the language, allowing one to have a specific association with how the language is spoken. If you are interested in knowing more about the culture and how it works, then understanding the characters and how this relates to the language can help you to develop a deeper appreciation and understanding to how the Chinese language works.

The foundation of the Chinese language is often said to come from the characters and written form of the language. Hieroglyphs and pieces of written information were found in older dynasties, most dating from at least 3,000 years ago while others may be as old as 6,000 years. The hieroglyphs are connected to the same dialect that is used today, showing a preservation and connection to the language and the functions that are used. As one begins to understand the characters and hieroglyphs written from ancient times, they can also begin to develop a deeper understanding of the dialect that is still used today.

The form of characters for the Chinese language began with pictorials that were used to describe certain instances. However, this evolved over time with the pictures becoming a calligraphy style form of writing. Most of the writing does not separate the different characters of the alphabet to form sentences. Instead, the individual letters are combined into phrases that are used with the stroke of a pen. When looking at characters, it is a consolidation of several letters and words to form a sentence. Anywhere between one to five characters can be used to create the sentences. This shows an evolution from the past pictorials into the way in which the language is used today.

You can easily begin to associate the Chinese language with the writing when learning the dialect today. Following the basis of the characters and how they evolved will also assist with creating a connection between speaking and writing in the language. You will find that there is a specific process and system that has developed for the characters to create an approach to grammar and speaking within the language. Those that are able to write in Chinese will also have the opportunity to find how the writing connects to being able to speak freely within the dialect.

If you are learning the Chinese language, then you will also want to look into the writing methods that are used. This will help you to understand the structure, grammar and foundation of the language. The approach to writing is one that was used as hieroglyphs and pictorials in ancient times and has developed into an art form of calligraphy that is still regarded highly today. Beyond this art form, is a guideline that can be used for learning and associating with the language.